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What are the best campervans available to you? There is a huge variety of campervans available in the market and usually, it is hard to make a final purchase decision. Do you want to travel to any destination, any wilderness any landscape in complete comfort and style?


Technology has changed the way, people enjoy their van life. Sleeping in your campervan driver seat no longer causes you to wake with an aching back. People now have the option of pop up beds, coffee machines, plasma TV, and every luxury requirement all within their van space.

Below are 10 of the best campervans available on the market. So choose your van, make the journey, have an adventure with friends and family members.

Knauss Boxstar 600

This classic van offers fun for the entire family. There is a capacity of 5 beds with a bath and shower cabin as well. These can come in useful during a long family trip. With a campervan equipped with these essentials, your trip becomes smooth and hassle-free. It comprises a table, which pulls out and the seats of the campervan are rotating. You will not regret taking the Knauss Boxstar for a test drive.

It is available at a price of £50,000 from the dealers and is among the best ones available in the market.

VW 1965 Barbarossa

VW 1965 Barbarossa is in direct competition with the VW California model. It offers amazing driving which is the reasons many people prefer this campervan. There are 21 small windows and some of these windows are available on the roof of the campervan as well. The side doors of this campervan are double opening and the sunroof is vast. It can be a perfect pick for the summer holidays.

Getting past 55 mph would be little tough for this campervan. Slow driving through fantastic locations is the way to enjoy this driving experience. There are four drum brakes and there is mechanical steering, which means that you need to apply a lot of leg strength in order to slow down the vehicle. The second gear of this particular van is also difficult to find.

Chausson Flash 716

The Chausson Flash 716 has the tried and tested layout of the Maxi lounge. It is L-shaped and there are side sofas as well. These are available along the pedestal table. This campervan has a capacity of holding up to five people but there is also the possibility of folding the table in half. There are large windows on each side and there is a window in the habitation door as well, which means there would be plenty of light inside the campervan. There is no roof light due to a drop-down bed. However, under the bed, there are 4 LED lights. There are USB sockets and spotlights in the cab as well. In front, there are two heating vents, which help you stay warmer at night.

There are seats available close to the shower and there is washroom on the offside. It can be a great hangout place for children. The motor space is 7.94 m long and is designed with children in mind. There is a huge mirror on the wardrobe door which makes space look larger than it actually is. There are USB sockets but not main sockets.

Auto Campers MRV

The Auto Campers MRV seems like an impressive package. It is flexible and offers a variety of options. The overall size is small. However; it can squeeze under the majority of height barriers. It is based on the Volkswagen T6 as well as being available as the Ford Transit Custom. So the price is a little higher. Under the bed, there is impressive storage available for the users and it has four-rail floor system, which is good for securing the travel seats. Auto Campers MRV is small, however, it is a conversion of the highest quality.

Adria Twin 640 SPX

It was launched in the UK in 2003 and turned out to be a game changer vehicle. It offers the comfort of a fixed transverse double in this larger van. There is a permanent double bed available at the rear and it has been able to prove itself in the market. There are many campervans, which now offers a similar layout to the Adria Twin 640 SPX. It is simple, elegant, and provides enough space for the users. With the technological advancement, there is a change in the preferences of the individuals and thus there is a change in the layout as well over the years.

Bailey Autograph 68-2

This particular campervan is the sixth model under the Bailey Autograph range. This model uses the 160 hp. Version, which turns out to be perkier than the last year’s 130 hp. Version. There is no automatic option which comprises a six-speed manual box. On approaching the junctions, the driver needs to be careful and similarly, solo-drivers have to be careful turning at a T-junction since there is no window behind the passenger seat.

The Bailey Autograph 68-2 is the third of the 3500-kg range and the rear lounge floor plan is available for the driving license holders of the Category B. It uses AdBlue Exhaust diesel exhaust fuel, with all new 2.0-liter unit, which makes it greener and lighter in comparison with turbo diesel having a capacity of 2.2 litres.

VW California Campervan

The VW California Campervan is a luxury campervan offering the best of the modern world. There are multiple media systems, which would enable the users to use different electronic devices and the modern means of technology. There are built-in cooker and refrigerator available for the users, which is likely to make the journey a lot smoother as people can warm the food and keep in the refrigerator for later use.

VW California has a table and chair that can slide out easily from the tailgate. There is an internal table, which enables the rear passenger to use the computer while the campervan is on the move.

There is a limited weight capacity for the roof rack and the second bed is formed when the roof pop-ups. The front seats have the capability of rotation and thus the entire family can join together for a family meal or just chatting while sitting on the chairs. There are curtains for privacy as well and the rear seats can fold to make a bed. This campervan is ideal for a couple with children who love to go on camping trips. You should easily get 35 mpg which is a pleasure to drive. However, the main drawback is lack of toilet and washing facility.

Fiat Ducato Camper Van

The name of this campervan might make you think of the iconic model 500. However, over the years there are numerous updates. It consists of best-in-class radius for turning and provides stability control of electronics to the user. The best part is there are 600 different layouts available for the users so they can make a final selection based on their particular preferences.

Peugeot Rifter 4 x 4 Concept

The Peugeot Rifter 4 x 4 Concept is a stylish SUV based camper. There is a lift kit, which is 8 cm and 4×4 DANGEL transmission to clear most obstacles. There is abundant sleeping space within the roof-mounted Overland tent. The Peugeot Rifter is is a go anywhere kind of vehicle. It is designed more for adventure rather than leisure.

Hymercar Camper Vans

The manufacturers of the Hymercar are from Germany and have been in the business since 1953. The customizable campervan comprises of bathrooms, there are extra-large refrigerators, which are, safety sensors, huge sleeping space, and in short, comfort would be just like home. Overall, there is the capacity of 4 sleeping surfaces, which would be spacious as well. The design is sleek with robust German engineering.

VW Crafter Atacama

When planning a route to the toughest terrain, the VW Crafter Atacama offers a great option for the campers. It has a 4WD. It can be a dream vehicle for a VW enthusiast. Only one hundred of these were ever made but if you are lucky enough to get to own one, you will have the perfect VW camper.


Campervans are available in a variety of sizes. Alongside the huge motor homes, also available are the micro sizes which offer the same experience within a van no bigger than a family car. There are numerous brands available out there in the market, so it is important to do a thorough research before making any final purchase decision.

Here are the top micro campervans:

  • Fiat Doblo high top micro camper van
  • Citroen Romahome hylo (Citroen c15)
  • NU Venture SURF – based on a Citroen Berlingo
  • Romahome R20 Lo – based on a Citroen Berlingo
  • Romahome Hylo Duo – based on a Citroen Berlingo
  • Romahome Solo R10


It is easier to buy and select a new vehicle available on the market than finding the right second-hand motorhome. There are thousands of used campervans and motorhomes available. So how do you choose?

There are many points, which are important to consider in mind when buying a second-hand vehicle. For example, how do I assess the condition of the vehicle? Which are the most reliable dealers? What is a reasonable price? Which model has aged well and kept its value?

Using feedback available from those who have purchased a vehicle since January 2013 we can show you the best used motorhomes.

Best Manufacturers:

  • Hymer
  • Devon Conversions
  • Auto-Sleepers
  • Romahome
  • Swift Escape
  • Auto-Trail
  • Swift Autocruise

German giant Hymer had a satisfaction score of 93%. Therefore, this particular campervan can be the best in sales in the UK and the satisfaction score shows that 93% of the time, the users were pleased with the results of this particular campervan.

Devon Conversions was second in the result with a satisfactory score of 89.8% and the next to it was Auto-Sleepers having a satisfactory score of 87.8%.

In the Gold Survey of 2017, there were 16 manufacturers and more than half of these were the British.

Romahome was 86.5%, Swift’s Group Escape 85.4%, Auto-Trail (84.6%), and Swift Group’s Autocruise 82.9%.

Best Suppliers:

  • Dolphin Motorhomes
  • Meridian Motorhomes
  • Three Counties/Countrywide/VW Kamper Centre
  • Choose Leisure of Kent
  • Todds Mobile Leisure
  • Cotswold Edge Leisure Vehicles
  • Viscount Motorhomes
  • Southern Motorhome Centre

When it comes to making a choice for the pre-owned motorhomes and dealers are taken into consideration then there are two British companies, which are prominent. Dolphin Motorhomes and Meridian Motorhomes both have a 100% score, which is perfect and hence it is a tie.

Next with a score of 98.3% are three counties/Countrywide/VW Kamper Centre and then there is Leisure of Kent with 98% and 96% is for Preston-based Todds Mobile Leisure and Cotswold Edge Leisure Vehicles. 93.4% is the score for the Viscount Motorhomes and Maidenhead’s Southern Motorhome Centre.

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