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A campervan provides ultimate flexibility as you explore the open road. The first thing you realise is that campervans are not cheap. If a new motorhome is out of your price range you may consider buying a second-hand camper van.

You can use them to go for a drive, shopping, and much more. A campervan is beyond a doubt most valuable on a typical holiday for the entire family to enjoy.


Buying a used campervan is not an easy decision. For some people, it is especially difficult to take to a second-hand camper van realising the fact that someone has already slept in the bed and has used the kitchen and bathroom. However, it can be easily updated by refurbishing everything and changing the upholstery.

Get to know the difference between the price of the new camper van and a used one. You can work this out if you calculate the difference between the prices of two and divide the value with the miles covered. It would give you an idea whether the investment is worth the hassle or not.

Before making a final purchase decision, check each and everything thoroughly. It is important that everything is neat and clean and up to your standards. If the camper van is in a terrible condition, it may be better to walk away.

It is important to keep the following points under consideration:

  • Toilet and Shower: Make sure the toilet and shower are in good condition. These should be neat and clean for use. Check whether the toilet has a working flush system and everything is disposing of well. The sink tap should be working as well and open the showers to check them if water is flowing well. It is important to check the toilet and shower thoroughly as these will become important when planning a long trip with the family.
  • Kitchen: Make sure the kitchen is clean and the appliances are in working condition. Check the microwave if it is working and make sure that each and everything is neat and clean.
  • Storage: Make sure there is enough storage especially if a family plans to stay in the camper van. Check the storage for safety and make sure it is very clean.
  • Sleeping: Make sure the beds in the campervan are comfortable. Lie on them for a while to check the comfort level. It is important the beds are not sagging.

Top tips for buying a second-hand camper van:

Check the camper van thoroughly. Find any dents and ripples and make sure where the sealants are applied.

If there are stickers in the unusual places of the camper van, check them thoroughly. There is a possibility that the seller can be hiding something under those stickers. A thorough inspection before a final purchase is always important.

  • Check the quality and thickness of the aluminium. It is important that the second-hand camper van is made of good quality material.
  • Sniff around to evaluate whether there is mould in the camper van.
  • Check the floor as there are chances it can be spongy, which would indicate that there is delamination. However, it is fixable at a cost.
  • It is important to check the payload as well. It should be sufficient for the needs.
  • When buying from a dealer, check the warranty from the dealer. It should be better in comparison with a competitor.
  • If you are buying from a dealer, make sure all the systems in the second-hand camper van are in working condition and the beds are clean.
  • Take a test drive before making a final purchase decision and drive on the bumpier roads.
  • Remember to haggle over the price to get a good deal out of it.

If the buyer decides to buy a motorhome privately, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider bringing an expert for the damp test of the van. If there is a serious damp, consider what is required to fix it and ask the relevant price for the repair.
  • Make sure it is not a stolen vehicle and check the insurance write off. DO an HPI check.
  • Check the motorhome at the seller’s house and check the owner’s documents for it.
  • If you are carrying cash with you it is a good idea to bring someone along.
  • A mechanic can make sure whether everything is in order and working condition.
  • Take it for test-drive but be careful that you are insured to drive it.
  • Check the habitation area thoroughly. Make sure everything is in working order. Check the lights and the sockets as well.
  • Check the bathroom as well. Make sure the flush in the toilet is working. The sink taps and shower are working properly.
  • Lie on the bed to check the level of comfort and make sure it is strong enough.
  • Check all the beds even if the buyer does not intend to use all of them.
  • Check the seats of the cab. It is important that the driver’s seat is extremely comfortable for driving.
  • Check the camper van thoroughly both from the interior and exterior. Do a detailed inspection before making any final purchase decision.
  • Ask the seller for the proof of work done and to make sure whether a reputable dealer has done all the work. Knowing the details in advance can always be a better option for the buyer.


Hyundai i800 Camper
The Hyundai i800 Camper conversion offers a great first impression. The conversion seems to be in full production and there are plans for extending retail distribution from the Yorkshire’s Wellhouse base through Hyundai car dealerships.

The specifications include a manual gearbox, which is five-speed and a 2.5-liter engine. The colour-coded roof is additional £350. Alloy wheels and the front fog lights are the standard items. There are five choices for the paintwork, which include Hyper Silver, Blue Diamond, and Grey Titanium.

Mercedes Vito Tourer Curve
The Mercedes Vito Tourer Curve camper van is all about style and design with emphasis on Tambour door design. It would assist in providing maximum storage to the users of this particular campervan. This installation makes it perfect for a long journey.

This design is likely to get popular with customers. This Campervan Conversion would be unique and different from traditional ones thus can get popular among the masses.
There are different variations of layout available for the buyers depending on their preferences. These variations would be of the same price. There are different colours and finishes available for the variations.

Transit kombi/Tourneo Custom
This conversion is based on the Ford Transit kombi/Tourneo Custom.
It is new in the range and there are others like the Argento, the Nerro, and the Rosso. These campervans are colour-coded white and are available in silver, black, and red.

Toyota Alphard
It is called the Lexus of campervans. It comprises a high-end interior. When converted it comprises 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs in the roof bed. This particular campervan would be smooth in driving and would be quiet. It would be ultimate in the base vehicles of the campervan. It is available in various models and can be considered as a luxury vehicle.

Toyota Granvia
This particular MPV comprises of a lot of kit as standard. There are twin airbags, air con, and so much more. It has an engine capacity of 2.7 litres and is smooth and automatic.

Toyota Noah
It can be a little conversion with great value. The size of this particular campervan is suitable for a single person or a couple. The exterior design of the campervan is silver and there are rear and front parking sensors. There are twin airbags, air con, electric windows, mirrors, and so much more. There is a Sony stereo system as well and there are other added features like an alarm system etc.


Generally, a motorhome with a toilet and shower will be a larger coach built vehicle. But it is possible to find these options in smaller vans. The toilet and shower take up a little space but it can be worth the comfort. The below models are examples of van conversions which have been known to include showers or toilets:

Romahome R10 Solo

The Romahome R10 Solo is a great one person motorhome, and you can get an awning which sleeps another two. Smev two burner, sink, bed and table, 3 travel seats, pop up roof, hook up, and porta potti complete the main equipment. Ideal for fishing trips, wilding, weekends away, or even longer trips. a shower or toilet.

VW T4 standard wheelbase conversion

VW T4 vans are converted into camper vans and day vans. There are many garages, which would assist in the conversion, however, there is also the option of DIY conversion kits. It was a favourite for the conversion companies of the vehicles. It has been a refrigerated vehicle, taxi, disability vehicle, and so much more.

LWB VW T4 van based Autosleeper Topaz
Topaz comprises of high top roof whereas interior comprises a bedroom area, which is available behind the cab seats. Moving further back there is a kitchen area sink and there is fridge as well. Bathroom and shower are available where washbasin is folded down and cassette toilet. There have been various changes in the model during the production period including upholstery, furniture design, and so much more.


Micro motorhomes

As the name suggests these are tiny motorhomes. The van version seems like a small popular car and it even resembles people carrier. It has a single berth but there is the possibility of two people sleeping in it.

Small motorhome manufacturers include:

  • Danbury
  • Romahome
  • Stimson Designs
  • Wheelhome

Bongo from Japan
These are available as second hand from Japan and there is tax advantage available for selling the van for export after three years. Mazda Bongo or similar vans offer right-hand drive and are affordable. There is the option of electricity powered lifting roof, which can be a great advantage for the buyer.

VW Campervan
The popularity of Volkswagen is for half a century. One can see thousands of these running on the road and many specialist converters are still building them. There is the option of comfortable accommodation for two and even more. There is the option of raising roofs and the high tops as well. Toyota is quite famous for the campervan conversion of such kind.

Larger van conversions

The bigger vans are converted too and the term common for the bigger van conversions is the panel van conversion.

Campervan and medium-sized motorhome manufacturers include:

  • Auto-Sleepers
  • Bilbo’s
  • Devon Conversions
  • IH Motorhomes
  • Murvi
  • Timberland Motorhomes
  • Torbay Camper Conversions
  • Volkswagen California
  • Westfalia Ford

These vans are bigger in size and hence offer more facilities and space. It is possible to fit a washroom, which can be of a useful size and the kitchen can be impressive as well. Some of the campervans can have a fitted double bed.

If the height of a person who is going to sleep in the beds of these vans is quite tall, check the beds in advance as these can be tight for this specific individual.

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